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"Spiritualism (Spiritism) is by no means a new thing, but is a repetition of that which has been before; the present phase of the evil, however, has not yet come to a head, although it is fast hastening thereto... The first detailed account of the outbreak is recorded for our learning in Genesis 6.1-8… every family, therefore, with the solitary exception of Noah’s, was thoroughly contaminated through the wickedness of the unlawful marriages referred to in v. 2... whereas the purpose of Satan in the first and second irruptions of the fallen angels was to thwart the purpose of God, concerning THE SEED which is CHRIST, the next attempt... is the bringing into the world "the mystery of iniquity,” Satan manifest in the flesh, the personal Antichrist, who will for a time pose as the Messiah, and whom the Jews will receive as such... The Antichrist… is to be born by the agency of Spirit Materialization… spiritist materialization is no fiction... Many Christians deny the possibility of materialization on the ground-they say-that materialization is creation and that God alone can create. It is perfectly true that God alone can create, i.e., "bring into being out of nothing,” but materialization is the reducing of something which already exists to a state of matter of which our senses can take cognizance… angels actually appearing and being, therefore, regarded as men…-although fallen-... have still the power to materialize and de-materialize...


Indeed, through the grace of God, in the manifestation of His goodness and mercy to me in October, 1887, in Instantaneously Delivering me from demonic possession which had come about through my tampering with Spiritism, I was led by the spirit of God to true repentance and to follow on to know the Lord… it may well be imagined, therefore, that I am deeply anxious not only to preach the gospel of the grace of God, but also to warn all against the diabolical evil of "Spiritism-Spiritualism” so-called-but which in dread reality is demonism, root and branch… I was easily beguiled into Spiritism by a "religious” aunt, in whom I had then great confidence, as being assuredly a good woman. She had lost a son, and upon my paying her a visit she amazed me by stating that she had attended a "séance” where she was able to communicate "with him”… after that, I have seen… materialization of spirit in the process, and de-materialization also... I have seen materialized spirits purporting to be dead friends but still "alive,” and I have proved them to be merely LYING SPIRITS, and not the deceased person whom they pretended to be… The dead… are dead; so dead indeed, that the dead know not anything, as it is written: "For the living know that they shall die; but the dead know not anything, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten. Also their love, and their hatred, and their envy is now perished; neither have they any more a portion for ever in any thing that is done under the sun” (Ecc. 9.5-6)… Spiritism in its present phase could not exist a single day, if all believed the Word of God concerning them that "sleep”-neither could Romish (The Roman Catholicism) purgatory-but as long as men prefer Satan’s lie to God’s truth, Spiritism will grow and develop until it covers the earth, as it did in Noah’s days… [you need to] prove from the Scriptures the fact that death is death, for only by this means can Spiritism be successfully combated.”


[Bacon, W. H., Spiritism, 1915, Things to Come, 21(4):41-42; 21(5):57-58 and 21(7):79]




"Part of the explication is that the ectoplasm used for this purpose will extend from the medium’s own body [the "direct voice medium”] to the trumpet [trumpet shaped microphone] and will form an ectoplasmic rod. The trumpet will then rise from the floor and float around the room. Eventually the voice of the spirit will be heard speaking through the trumpet. The ectoplasm will become solid around the vocal chord of the spirit who is trying to communicate in this way, thus enabling it to speak...” (Chap. 11, "Physical Phenomena”),


"The spirit guide takes control of the medium… this places the medium in great danger… sitters start the ball rolling by singing lively songs to arouse vibrations, while dimly visible in the darkness will be seen the semi-luminous ectoplasm emanating from the medium. As this pours out into the center of the room it gradually builds up into a definite form. At first it appears as a column of mist, but slowly the features begin to clarify themselves. The gradual process of building holds the sitters spellbound, as they see the body forming, first the feet, then legs, body, arms and face. The complete form of the spirit will then walk around (being very careful not to walk on the feet of the siters and to step over anything that may be in its way) until it finds the person with whom it wishes to hold a conversation… I once had water thrown over me by a "jolly” spirit for not singing – materialized spirit water, presumably, since there was no other water in the room to my knowledge. I can also recall shaking hands with a [materialized] spirit and it would be beyond words to describe the peculiar sensation caused at the realization that one is actually holding the hand of what is supposed to be [one is deceived by believing that it is] the spirit of one raised from the dead! The coldness of the touch, the hardness of the grip, and the feel of the "bones” and "knuckles” sends a chill throughout one’s body… there is a feeling of awe at the fact that a spirit has actually been handled.


On another occasion I was permitted to cut a lock of hair from a spirit and to pat a spirit "dog” and to stroke a spirit "cat”. Spirit animals are produced together with birds and other creatures in these séances as well as spirit people. This draws animal lovers naturally, especially those who have been particularly attached to pets that have gone the way of all flesh (entrance to these séances is limited exclusively to those who can be trusted not to cause untoward disturbances, although some do manage to enter under false credentials). What is supposed to have once been a living human being now has to depend on another human frame to provide ectoplasm to enable it to materialize!


We hear from our missionaries of idol worshippers, how figures are created from stone and wood and the heathen worshipers call on the spirits to come in and dwell in them. They tell us that these people worship the idols because they realize that an evil spirit has actually come to dwell in their handmade gods. Missionaries state that the evil power is definitely there, that it is not mere superstition but demons really do dwell in these idols of stone and wood… ordinary [spirit] control and trance is more common than materialization because they can have a body to dwell in, thus giving relief… spirits encourage… to sit in Developing Circles to prepare people for trance conditions so that demons may enter in to gain this relief even if for only a short time. It also explains why the are not many of these physical mediums and why it ["normally”] takes so long to develop such phenomena as this. I know of a medium who was so desirous of being a physical one that he sat with a trumpet every night for thirteen years before he managed to produce even a little tapping in the trumpet. Then it was another nine years before he was able to successfully produce the voice. The best part of his life-time, twenty-two years, waiting for demons!


Demons who impersonate the dead in séances try to prove the first recorded lie of the Devil by teaching that "there is no death” and that it is only a delusion. Satan gives himself away by going too far and becoming unable to retract. Once he starts he has to carry on with his blasphemy deluding people to believe his old lie, "Ye shall not surely die,” and thereby showing them a way into a realm of [a deceiving] knowledge that has been forbidden by God. By assuring them that there is no death, he also keeps their minds from thinking of the "second” death, which should be of even greater consideration to their eternal destiny. The practice of Spiritualism, as is called in the Western world, going under various names of witchcraft, demon worship and priestly superstition in the East, is bringing millions of blinded believers into darkness and ensuring their eternal damnation… Again we need to ask ourselves if we are fulfilling the commission which the Lord has given to us. He instructed His disciples not only to preach that the kingdom of heaven is at hand but also to raise the dead. He is as ready to honor His Word as ever He was, and our faith likewise if we are obedient to His commands. The signs following would indeed follow…” (Chap. 12, "Materialization”)


God is saying today… "Ye shall not touch this tree (Spiritualism), ye may not eat of it, lest ye die.” Satan says, "In the day ye eat of it your eyes will be opened to a new and wider revelation – ye shall surely not die”… Spiritualism can be nothing but communion with demons – against Scripture – and we must remember that God passed the death sentence on all mediums that had familiar spirits and also upon people consulting with them. It is sternly forbidden by God as defiling. It certainly is no new thing, but a backward movement to the worst form of heathenism and not an advance as so many Spiritualists claim. Sir A. C. Doyle [guided by seducing spirits] says, "No common sense man can see any justice in vicarious sacrifice… too much attention has been given to the death of Christ” [who says this is the same author of the histories of the detective "Sherlock Holmes”]… Spiritualism is one of the most fiendish of Satan’s methods of instilling lying deceptions into the minds of people. Having tested the spirits and the claims they make through their mediums, we most certainly find them contrary to the Word of God, which tells us most explicitly that "in the latter times, some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils” (1 Tim. 4:1). "If they speak not according to this Word, it is because there is no light in them” (Isa 8:20)” (Chap. 12, "Trying the Spirits”)


[References taken from: Raphael Gasson, The Challenging Counterfeit, The Real Power Behind Spiritualism As Seen From The Inside By A Former Medium, 1979 (first printing 1966), Logos International, Plainfield, New Jersey, 160 p.]




"Now the secret system of the Mysteries gave vast facilities for imposing on the senses of the initiated by means of the various tricks and artifices of magic. Notwithstanding all the care and precautions of those who conducted these initiations, enough has transpired to give us a very clear insight into their real character. Everything was so contrived as to wind up the minds of the novices to the highest pitch of excitement, that, after having surrendered themselves implicitly to the priests, they might be prepared to receive anything. After the candidates for initiation had passed through the confessional, and sworn the required oaths, "strange and amazing objects," says Wilkinson, "presented themselves (Wilkinson was the writer of the Encyclopedia of the Ancient Egyptians, where he says: "Even among the initiated there was a difference. Some were admitted only to the "Lesser Mysteries"; the "Greater" were for a favoured few).


Sometimes the place they were in seemed to shake around them; sometimes it appeared bright and resplendent with light and radiant fire, and then again covered with black darkness, sometimes thunder and lightning, sometimes frightful noises and bellowings, sometimes terrible apparitions astonished the trembling spectators." Then, at last, "the great god", the central object of their worship, Osiris, Tammuz, Nimrod or Adonis, was revealed to them in the way most fitted to soothe their feelings and engage their blind affections.


An account of such a manifestation is thus given by an ancient Pagan, cautiously indeed, but yet in such a way as shows the nature of the magic secret by which such an apparent miracle was accomplished: "In a manifestation which one must not reveal...there is seen on a wall of the temple a mass of light, which appears at first at a very great distance. It is transformed, while unfolding itself, into a visage evidently divine and supernatural, of an aspect severe, but with a touch of sweetness. Following the teachings of a mysterious religion, the Alexandrians honour it as Osiris or Adonis." From this statement, there can hardly be a doubt that the magical art here employed was none other than that now made use of in the modern phantasmagoria. Such or similar means were used in the very earliest periods for presenting to the view of the living, in the secret Mysteries, those who were dead.


We have statements in ancient history referring to the very time of Semiramis, which imply that magic rites were practised for this very purpose [Moses of Chorene in his Armenian History, referring to the answer made by Semiramis to the friends of Araeus, who had been slain in battle: "I have given commands, says Semiramis, to my gods to lick the wounds of Araeus, and to raise him from the dead. The gods, says she, have licked Araeus, and recalled him to life"… Now, unless the sham miracle of raising the dead [for a brief period] by magical arts had already been known to be practised in the days of Semiramis, it is not likely that she would have given such an answer to those whom she wished to propitiate; for, on the one hand, how could she ever have thought of such an answer, and on the other, how could she expect that it would have the intended effect, if there was no current belief in the practice of necromancy? We find that in Egypt, about the same age, such magic arts must have been practised, if Manetho is to be believed. "Manetho says," according to Josephus, "that he [the elder Horus, evidently spoken of as a human and mortal king] was admitted to the sight of the gods, and that Amenophis desired the same privilege." This pretended admission to the right of the gods evidently implied the use of the magic art referred to in the text…


This casts light upon the language of the 106th Psalm, where the Lord, upbraiding Israel for their apostacy, says: "They joined themselves to Baalpeor, and ate the sacrifices of the dead"); and as the magic lantern, or something akin to it, was manifestly used in later times for such an end, it is reasonable to conclude that the same means, or similar, were employed in the most ancient times, when the same effects were produced. Now, in the hands of crafty, designing men, this was a powerful means of imposing upon those who were willing to be imposed upon…”


[Alexander Hislop, "The Two Babylons or The Papal Worship Proved to be the Worship of Nimrod and His Wife, 1858, Chapter II, Objects of Worship; Section II, The Mother and Child, and the Original of the Child; Sub-Section V, The Deification of the Child”, Online Edition]




"To understand… one must know that anything that has been manifested and is known in the senses world is accessible to Satan’s knowledge. All the facts listed in 1 Samuel were well known to Satan. [For Saul,] the séance with the woman of Endor is only the climax of the deceiving power of Satan working through a woman who was possessed and controlled by a specific kind of evil spirit called "familiar” (1 Sam. 28:3, 7) because they are well aware of and acquainted with all that has happened in a person’s earthly life in the senses world.”


"The one fact to keep uppermost in our minds is that Satan always produces a counterfeit, never a genuine. A counterfeit always resembles the genuine so perfectly that only a qualified person in that certain field can distinguish between them. Therefore, Satan’s deceit can often be so effective.”


"Satan can imitate and counterfeit anything so long as he is familiar with the original. Satan has access to the knowledge of everything that a man does while on earth. Satan knew all about Samuel: what he looked like, how he dressed, what his voice sounded like, what he had said and done, and so on. Thus Satan used the woman ["the séance medium”] of Endor who had a familiar spirit (1 Sam. 28:3, 7), a spirit obedient to the woman’s own beck and call, to counterfeit Samuel by materialization and impersonation. Not one fact in 1 Samuel 28 brings out any evidence which Satan could not know about Saul’s person and circumstance for all these things had been told before except for Saul’s death, and death is of Satan anyway.”


"…The dead stay dead until the return or the resurrections… Satan simply is impersonating the departed dead by familiar spirits who dwell in people’s minds, operating and controlling the individual they possess even to the end of using their vocal organs, and changing the possessed-one’s physical appearance. By these imitative means Satan tries to deceive the very elect of God. Since the dead remain dead until the return [of Jesus Christ], Satan’s impersonations are all frauds, the work of familiar spirits (1 Sam. 28:3, 7)… the dead are dead and stay dead until the return [of Jesus]… anyone who… supposedly reproduces them [the dead] in any way is absolutely a fraud. Such acts are perpetrated by Satan himself in order to deceive and to cause people to worship and obey him.”


"Satan… worked through people to destroy Saul and cause him to sin. Saul was now Satan’s man and Satan could carry on his evil intentions without God’s intervention. It is only when we will to belong to God that Satan cannot be certain of the outcome, for the Lord watches over His own.” "[In 1 Sam. 35 Samuel] breaks off relations with Saul [read 1 Sam. 15, noting especially verses 23-24, 35, 3, 9, 13-14, 20-22, 26, 29].” "Thus, without a relationship with God or Samuel, King Saul is beside himself (1 Sam 16:14).” "”Samuel anointed David as king and then soon Samuel died.” "Saul had lost all communications with the True God [1 Sam. 28:3-6]. Although Saul tried, his efforts could not restore the lost connection. So in desperation, after having put away all those with familiar spirits (1 Sam. 28:3, 7), Saul demands to have personal audience with such a person (1 Sam. 28:7).”


"Having lost his connection with God through disobedience to God’s Word, Saul grasps for suggestions from Satan. Satan put ideas into Saul’s mind because he knew that he could influence Saul through a familiar spirit (1 Sam. 28:3, 7), and thus, not only cause Saul’s death, but the death of Saul’s sons, the destruction of the army of Israel, and misfortune to the entire nation (1 Sam. 28:8-20).”


1 Sam. 15:23-24 gives the account of King Saul's rejection by God after the battle with the Amalekites (Saul refused to obey God)


Later, in 1 Sam. 15:35, Samuel, the man of God breaks off relations with Saul (Saul refused to repent and justified himself time after time)


Thus, without a relationship with God or with His Prophet, King Saul is beside himself in 1 Sam. 16:14.


Saul had lost any communication with the True God (as seen in 1 Sam. 28:3-6)


So, in desperation, after, as told in 1 Sam. 28:3, having put Saul himself away all those with familiar spirits (here, the woman of Endor it is not a person acting under the holy spirit from God, but under an evil spirit, called a "familiar spirit" in 1 Sam. 28:7. Those evil spirits are so deceiving, that with them Satan will even try to deceive in this present time the people elect of God, can you see that today in any TV show, being B. Walters or Osteen Sr. almost all the people thinks that dead people stills alive?)


As we can see, by carefully reading 1 Sam., we can see who really was Saul, a man who having lost his connection with God through disobedience to God's Word, gasped for suggestions from Satan's realm.


Why for God were forbidden in His Law all the mediums, spiritists-spiritualists, witches, and every one dealing whit the idea that the dead still alive after their death? That woman of Endor was not a Godly woman. Because the adversary is enough smart as to mimic the dead to deceive people.


1Chr 10:13: So Saul died for his transgression which he committed against the LORD, even against the word of the LORD, which he kept not, and also for asking counsel of one that had a familiar spirit, to enquire of it {Verses that include the expression "familiar spirits" in the OT: 1Chr 10:13, 1Sam 28:3,7,8,9; 2Kgs 21:6; 2Chr 33:6; 2Kgs 23:24; Lev 19:31; Lev 20:6; Lev 20:27; Deut 18:11-12}


[Wierwille, V. P., Chapter Ten, "The Prophetess of Endor” (1 Samuel 28:7-25), pp. 89-96, Are the dead alive now?, American Christian Press (The Devin-Adair Co., 1971)]




In the same category we can locate the UFO phenomenon, the next quotations for your consideration have been taken from the book written by Eastman and Missler "Alien Encounters”, which resume the "superphysics of UFOs” as things that: "materialize and dematerialize, change shape, travel at 20,000 mph or greater, right angle turns at 15,000 mph, no sonic booms, sudden starts and stops, UFOs have been seen to merge and breakup into more than one object”, "only spiritual discernment alone will detect the deception”, then they quote: "The folklore of every culture… had a rich reservoir of stories about humanoid beings that flew in the sky, [and] used devices that seemed in advance of the technology of the time” (Vallee, J. Passport to Magonia, 1993, p. vii); "Why is it, I wondered, that the ‘occupants’ of UFOs behave so much like the denizens of fairy tales and the elves of ancient folklore? Why is the picture we can form of their world so much closer to the medieval concept of Magonia, the magical land above the clouds, than to a description of an extraterrestrial planetary environment? And why are UFOs becoming a new religious form” (Vallee, J., Messenger of Deception, p. 8); "I am also tempted to accept as a working hypothesis that in times remote, contact occurred between human consciousness and another consciousness, variously described as demonic, angelic, or simply alien… Consider what these sightings have in common. In each case the so-called "spacecraft” did not dissapear by moving away, even at high speed. It simply vanished on the spot, or it slowly faded away like the Cheshire cat, sometimes leaving behind a whitish cloud, sometimes also producing the sound of an explosion. In other cases UFOs have been reported to enter the ground. I hardly need to point out that this behavior is contrary to what physical objects do and quite impossible to duplicate with our current spacecraft technology…  If they are no spacecraft what else could UFOs be? What research framework can account for the physical effects, for the impact on society, for the appearance of the occupants and for the seemingly absurd, dream like elements of their behavior, how can we explain that the phenomenon makes itself obvious to rural populations but avoids overt contact, choosing instead to deliver its message in bizarre abductions, in highly strange incidents? The theory that suggests itself, as we analyze and reanalyze the forces at play, goes beyond the notion that these are simply technological vehicles produced by an advanced race… Instead I believe that the UFO phenomenon represents evidence for other dimensions beyond space-time; the UFOs may not come from ordinary space but from a multiverse which is all around us, and of which we have stubbornly refused to consider the disturbing reality in spite of the evidence available to us for centuries. Such a theory is required in order to explain both the modern cases and the chronicles of Magonia – the abductions and the psychic component. I believe that there is a system around us that transcends time and it transcends space. Other researchers have reached the same conclusion” (Vallee, J., Dimensions, 1988, pp. 32, 231-232, 252-253); "I have the impression that abductees as a group are usually open and intuitive individuals less tolerant than usual of societal authoritarianism, and more flexible in accepting diversity and the unusual experiences of other people. Some of my cases report a variety of psychic experiences, which has been noted by other researchers… My own impression is that we may be witnessing something far more complex, namely an awkward joining of two species, engineered by a intelligence we are unable to fathom… I base this view on the evidence presented by the abductees themselves” (Mack, J., Abduction, 1995, p. 5); "The UFOs do not seem to exist as tangible, manufactured objects. They do not conform to the accepted natural laws of our environment… the UFO manifestations seem to be, by and large, merely minor variations of the age-old demonological phenomenon” (Keel, J. Operation Trojan Horse, 1996, p. 266); "there seems to be no evidence yet that any of these craft or beings originate from Outer Space. The whole phenomenon involves a mass of features that conflict with modern science, and many researchers now believe that more than one type of being may be involved… some of them of an interdimensional nature, and consequently possibly from some unknown aspect of our own World” (Creighton, G., 1996, FSR Official Position Statement).


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