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"Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut that held its ground."

-- Unknown--

Segment 33: Created: Three Creations And Fall Of Satan


We now want to deal with the created part of man in the beginning. You'll remember in the beginning man's body was formed. The soul was made within man.

Now the spirit in man in the beginning was created. The Hebrew word is the word bara and this created part in man in the beginning is the spirit of God. We turn to Genesis chapter 1 and in verse 27, now, listen carefully.

Genesis 1:27:

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

The word "created" is used three times in this verse but it refers to one thing only. So, technically you could say it's used once. Listen again:

Genesis 1:27:

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him [mankind]; male [Adam] and female [Eve] created he them.

Now, what did God create in both Adam and Eve? What did He create? Well, the Word says He "created man in His own image." Now, God doesn't look like this. God does not have a form or comeliness, and then I said subsequently. He has no homeliness either. God has no form. If we go to John chapter 4 and in verse 24 we will notice something here. Listen to this, we've had it, but we need to keep driving this back into our minds.

John 4:24a:

God is a Spirit...

God is Spirit. A spirit has no form or comeliness. Now in Genesis chapter 1 in verse 27 we read that God created man, "God created man in His own image." And John 4:24 tells us that God is Spirit. So, what did He create within man? Well, God must have created within man what God is. God is Spirit and He created His own image within man. When He created His own image within man, that made man body, soul and spirit.

Now, God being Spirit can only speak to what He is. And He created within man His own image, this put man into God's category. Not in the body and soul department of man, not in his body and soul but in his spirit.

God is Spirit. Now man's body was formed. The soul was made but the spirit in man was created. God's own image, God's own spirit within man. Thus, this puts man in God's category, not in the body and soul part but in the spirit. God is Spirit, thus God can speak to spirit. God is Spirit and He can only speak to what He is, that's all.

In the beginning, man then was body, soul and spirit. It is this part of man (the spirit) in the beginning, that made it possible for God to [most easily] talk to him and for him to communicate with God. This gave him the fellowship with God; and in the vernacular language you could say "he could walk with Him and talk with Him." This is the created part of man in the beginning, and this man of body, soul and spirit is this three-fold man in Genesis that we read about in Isaiah, that we read about in Thessalonians when it said that he was formed, he was made, he was created and he was body and soul and spirit.

Now, we go to Genesis chapter 1 and we will see some tremendous truths. The word "created" as I told you was technically only used three times in the whole book of Genesis in the opening chapters that we are dealing with. In Genesis chapter 1 and verse 1 it says:

Genesis 1:1:

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

The text has heaven in the plural. "In the beginning God created." The word "created" is used in the Bible whenever God, for the first time, brings anything into existence. Once it has been created, God never needs to create it again. The word "create" semantically is used in the Word of God referring to the first time when something is brought into existence or into manifestation or into being. Once God has createdcreate it again. something, He never has to

"In the beginning God" is what the King James version says. The oldest texts should read the first word in the Bible. Is the word "God" not the words "in the beginning." First in the Bible is the word "God." Even to this day, if someone from an Eastern country, the head of a state, would write to me, which has occurred, the first thing that he puts at the top of his letter. He takes his letter and what he puts here, at the top of this letter before he ever addresses it to me, he writes the word "God." He writes the word "God" up here. He puts God first to this day. Then, he might address it "Victor Paul Wierwille" such-and-such, a location and so forth. But he puts God at the top because in the east and among the eastern people, like the Hindus, they still think of God as being first. That's why the first thing in the Bible is the word "God." And the text should read as follows: "God created [bara] the heavens and the earth in the beginning."

So, everything that's ever needed, everything that's ever been needed to this day was created at the time of the beginning in Genesis chapter 1, verse 1, with the exception of two things--soul and spirit. Everything else was created back in Genesis 1:1, when it says "God created in the beginning."

Now, when was the beginning? "The beginning", that's when it was! When was it? "In the beginning." That's all I know about it. That's plenty! Do you know why? Because the leading scientists, many of them, who deal with trying to figure out how old the earth is and all the rest of the things, they can't get beyond the Word of God. The Word of God is going to be accurate, no matter what they find. But it's an astounding thing when you find paleontologists and other equally great scientists 'disagreeing' thousands upon thousands of years, some millions of years. As to the time of the original creation. Equally great scientists disagreeing thousands and thousands of years.

Now I'll tell you something, if I missed a lady's age by ten years, you ladies would all be angry. But science today can miss it a million years and nobody cares. Why? Because we have become so captivated by the word "science" that if somebody says "well, it's scientific", we immediately say "that's wonderful." Bah! When was it? "In the beginning." No scientist is ever going to beat that one. Suppose it was three trillion years ago, it still would be when? "In the beginning"! That's right. That's what it says, that's what it means. Isn't that wonderful!? You talk about the accuracy of the Word, nobody can touch it. No scientist will have an argument with it. That's right, because it still was "in the beginning."


God created the heavens and the earth in the beginning --everything with the exception of two things: soul and spirit. That's why, when He got to animals, He had formed the body of animals but there was no soul, no soul life. This is why the next [the second] usage of the word "created" is in verse 21:

Genesis 1:21a:

And God created great whales, and every living creature [soul]....

The text reads "and God created living souls, or great whales, and every living moving thing." That's the text. God created what? Soul life, and we found out that "the life of the flesh is in the blood," which is the soul life. This is what He created for animals.

So, when He gets to man, does He have to, in man now, create soul? When He gets to man. Does He have to create soul? No! Why not? Because, whatever soul is, which is breath life, and that life is in the blood, that soul life He has already created before! That's why when He got to man, as we read, He formed the body and when He got to man He made the soul. This is the second usage of the word "create" in the book of Genesis.

Then the third time the word "create" is used in Genesis is in verse 27.

I'd just like to say to you that I hear people and scientists talk about creating life today, that's the wrong misnomer. Or somebody talked about creating a new production or something else they've done. They say they've "created it." That is semantically a misusage of the word "create." They may rediscover; they may revamp; they may readapt; they may recompound, but they cannot create.

To create is to bring into existence that which has never been before. I hear the biochemists and other people at times that I've been with, I've heard them talking about creating life in a test tube. For instance, creating human beings without having the ordinary processes that are normally involved in reproduction. That's a misnomer, they cannot create because if they were to create they would have to start out with nothing. They are not starting out with nothing. They are starting with something that already has life in it, like either the sperm or the egg, that's right.

So let's just keep the record straight. When a man says "create" he must mean to bring into existence that which has never been before.

In the beginning God created everything with the exception of two things that's ever been needed--soul and spirit.

When He got to animals, He created soul life. When He got to man, He did not have to create soul life because He had already created it before when animals were formed. But in man, He did something else; He created in man as it says in verse 27:

Genesis 1:27a:

So God created man in his own image,...

That's the third usage of the word "create". That's all it is ever used. I have heard Sunday school teachers, preachers, everybody else talk about God creating on the first day, so have you. Second day He created so-and-so, third day He created so-and-so. He didn't do anything like it! Didn't do anything like it. Doesn't say so in the Word. Look at Genesis chapter 1. All He had to do in verse 3 was:

Genesis 1:3:

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

Why didn't He have to create it? Because whatever light is had already been created in the beginning in Genesis 1:1 when God created everything in the beginning. All He had to do now was to speak it into being, that's a figure, but it's prefect. Look, I say to you "turn to Genesis chapter 1, verse 1," what do you do? You turn to Genesis chapter 1 verse 1. Why? Because I said so. I spoke it into being. I literally spoke it into being that you turned to Genesis 1:1. Well, bless your little old souls, if I can do this, can you not conceive of God Almighty, who created the heavens and earth having a little ability. No problem with me. The problem is in the stupidity of the human mind. That's all.

Look, it says verse 3 "And God said." Verse 6 "And God said." Verse 9 "And God said." Verse 11 "And God said." Verse 14 "And God said."

Then, where does this crazy idea come in that God created? Oh, from the teachers. That's all. People do not know any better, who think they are right but they are wrong. And so, when we teach our Sunday school classes that on the first day God created life, second day He created this, either we are wrong or the Word of God. I want to tell you something, 's nothing wrong with the Word of God, it's us! The fellow says "it's me, oh Lord." Nothing wrong with the Word, for the Word is accurate. It is accurate in minute detail, and the Word is so accurate here in Genesis that it fits the fields of chemistry, the fields of biology, it fits all the fields of geology, every field of science. There is no field of science, which is true science, which contradicts any facet of the truth of the accuracy of God's Word in Genesis 1:1. That's right!

Genesis 1:1, 2:

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

And the earth was [the text should say 'became'] without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

How long ago is Genesis 1:1? I do not know, but I know it was in the beginning. And sometime between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2 there is a long period. How long? I do not know, but I know this: that when verse 2 came into being it says, "and the earth became without form and void." It was not created this way, it became this way. Now, the question is: what caused this original creation in Genesis 1:1, which was perfectly perfect, to get to the place that it became without form and void? Or as the Hebrew puts it, 'tohu va bohu.'

Well, here you need some tremendous accuracy on the Word. You've got to go to sections like in Isaiah chapter 14 verse 12 and in Ezekiel 28:15-19. You've got to look at Romans 8:26 and a section in I Timothy 3:16 and in Revelation 12:4.

There you will find that in the beginning God created angels. He put all of the angels under three categories--Gabriel, Michael, Lucifer. These three angels were the top brass. They sat at the top echelon. God was above them. These three archangels were responsible for all the other angels. Angels are 'created spirit beings,' that's what they are. They date from the beginning.

Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer--these three angels were the great ones

One of those created angels, Lucifer, who was an angel of light, very prominent; he wanted to usurp the throne of God. You could speak of it as mutiny in heaven, if you like. This is what Isaiah and those chapters are talking about. And this archangel, Lucifer, got the boot. He got kicked out and with him, according to Revelation, one third of the angels of heaven, because they wanted to usurp the throne of God.

This Lucifer then is called in the Bible, Satan; he is called the serpent; he is called the Devil after he got the boot, after he got kicked out. Satan and one third of the angels of heaven make up the evil spirit or the devil spirit world about which few people know very little or believe less. That's right.

All of the information that people get by possession, by allowing their bodies to be controlled, by allowing devil spirits (which they call 'good spirits', but they are still devil spirits), ['s deceiving]. Because look if you got a can, a can that has pickles in it, and you label it 'apples' on the outside, that doesn't change the pickle on the inside.

So, these people who say these are 'good spirits' label the can 'good spirits' on the outside, but it's devil spirit on the inside; doesn't change the spirit on the inside. They allow themselves to be possessed; their vocal chords to be taken over. Their bodies to be taken over, they give their minds to them and so they become possessed. All devil spirits that's where all that information comes from, all of it, that's right.

Now, all the devil spirits that are in the world, one third of those angels originally created in Genesis 1:1 make up the evil spirit or the devil spirit world. And they've got power, a lot of power, tremendous power, no question about that. Tremendous information, they're flying around all over the place, looking over the whole joint. They are in certain areas thicker than others . This whole section on the 'discerning of spirits,' and how these devil spirits operate, apart line-by-line, word-by-word [is in] the Word of God. There are many, many scriptures that have to be considered and they again work with a mathematical exactness and scientific precision.

These devil spirits are the ones that are just racking and ruining people to this day. They are all here with the exception of those that were originally responsible for causing the degradation that occurred before the flood. Those are held in chains, which is a figure indicating they are no more free to roam, and there of course is another side of the story: that Jesus witnessed to [them] in his resurrected body with the greatness of the power of God in his life!

But, this thing was so cataclysmic, which occurred, that when this thing occurred the whole thing was in a mess, that [which] God had originally created in Genesis 1:1. That's why verse 2 says "and the earth became without form and void." That's how it became that way.

Then verse 3 simply starts telling you what God does to put this earth back in shape, so that mankind, as we know mankind, can live in it. That's right. And mankind as we know it from the beginning was a man of body, soul and what? .And spirit!

Now, were there men before? To the scientists yes, but not men as we know mankind from Genesis chapter 1. Why? Because when a scientist looks at a form or a skeleton or he puts it together and it looks like this or has any form like man, or anything like this at all, he puts it in the category of [or related to] Homo sapiens. [I don't care how you want to pronounce it, but I know they get the word "sap" from the word, that's why we speak of people as being saps once in and a while, I guess.]

But, this is the category. But, you see, what they do not know and what they cannot see is what was the life of that being? What was the life? They do not know what the life was because you cannot see soul, nor can you see spirit. You can only see the manifestation.

Alright! So suppose there were men back there. Could've been. How much time do you want between Genesis chapter 1, verse 1 and verse 2? I don't know. Have all the time you want, because in that section between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2 there could be eons of time. That's right.

So, in that section you can have the fossils. You can have everything that you want with no contradiction in the Word. That's right. And the reason I am really concerned about the accuracy of this is because in verse 28 of the first chapter, after God created man as we know him, with body, soul and spirit. What the life of those so-called by scientists, mankind [or proto-mankind], was before Adam and Eve? I do not know. The Bible doesn't tell me, so I don't know. The scientists do not know because they can't get that life back, because it's not there. All they got is bones to deal with.

But I know this: whatever that life was then, is not the life that God created when He created soul life for animals. It is a different life. But they could have had it, for in verse 28 it says:

Genesis 1:28:

And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth,...

Why fill it up again? Why make it full if it had never had anybody? I think Genesis 1:28 will cooperate and substantiate fossils, or whatever else is involved, because of that tremendous statement "let them replenish" or "fulfill again."

So, between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2 you can have all the fossils. You can have everything else and you see how accurate the Word of God is. It doesn't contradict a thing. It doesn't undercut anything but it's accurate! Scientifically it is accurate! Biologically it's accurate! It's accurate in every field of chemistry, every field of science! The Word of God is the truth!

So, in the beginning God created everything He ever needed. And between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2 you have this period of time. Then occurred what it said in Genesis 1:2. Then, in Genesis chapter 1 and verse 3 we begin with what God did to get this old earth ready for mankind who would have body, soul and spirit to live on. The earth on which you and I live today. This is where we have to go in our continued exposition and study of the integrity and the accuracy of God's Word regarding this subject of man being formed, made and created.


Segment 34: After Its Kind; Seed Is In Itself; Mendel's Law

We're dealing with the great truths from the book of Genesis, and while I'm thinking along a lot of these lines, the first two or three or four chapters of Genesis are just loaded with many spiritual goodies. Truths that if you ferret them out, and you work them with a mathematical exactness and scientific precision, [they] give the answers, the truth, to men and women who really want to know the score. Scientists and everyone else, they've got to come back to the integrity and the accuracy of these first few chapters in Genesis if they ever want to really get to the truth of life and the background of life.

While I'm thinking along this line, before I get into some more of these verses in these chapters. All of this confusion about the authorship of Genesis, especially the first two or three chapters--you know that teaching, j-e-p-d documents and all the rest of that--that's all just a 'bunch of baloney', it's guesswork, it's man's guesswork, because the Word of God says that "the Word was given when holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Spirit."

So, they are trying to explain the difference. The difference is not in the j-e-p-d documents, the difference is in the revelation that God gave, and there are no contradictions. It is like if I wrote you a letter today, and then I write you a letter tomorrow. I just repeat some of the things tomorrow that I said today, or I may add to it, all of these things. I'm just thinking of that scripture that they use to prove that Jesus Christ was with God at the beginning and the two of them had a good talk before they got around to making man. It's Genesis 1:26.

Genesis 1:26:

And God said, Let us make man in our image,...

So, they [Augustine et al] use the word "us", saying that Jesus was back there with Him and they talked things over and he and God decided they were going to have a little "doo" and make man and do this kind of thing, create him. No, no, no, no. If you understand anything about English, this is old English. It's like when the Queen of England says "we the Queen of England." Why does she say "we"? She's not a 'we.' May be 'wee' but she isn't 'we'. Yes, she is, because when she speaks, she speaks for the immensity, the greatness of the whole kingdom, and so she says "we the Queen."

Well, the King James old English "let us make man" is this old English. This thing which God did when God created man was so tremendous that it puts it in the "let us" category. Also, something else I'd like to say regarding the meaning of the word "Genesis." "Genesis" means generation or beginning or creation. Like we use it, it's transliterated the word "Genesis" in the Greek to the English in "genealogy" and "genetics" and "gynecology." All of those come from the root word of the word "genesis."

In the first nine verses of the first chapter of the Book of Genesis the word "earth" always refers to the planet, after that the word "earth" refers to the dry land. Also, there is another truth you ought to know that is stipulated and stated so accurately here in Genesis and that is 'matter is antecedent to physical life' and not life to matter.

There is [also] evidence to show that there was one continent at one time, and that something happened, something of a cataclysmic nature happened that divided this one continent. Because today, if all the continents were put together today allowing for the erosion and all these other matters, they still today would fit like a 'jigsaw puzzle,' fit in perfectly.

Now, these are some of the things that you ought to know from the great accuracy of God's Word in Genesis. I perhaps will not be able to recall and remember every detail that is set here in Genesis chapters one, two, three and four, but I'm doing my best to share with you the greatness of these tremendous truths. Because in Genesis we have the whole foundation of the accuracy of God's wonderful matchless Word, that Word which He set above His name.

I want to get into Genesis chapter one, and get down to verse eleven. You see, I showed you that God did not create on the first day this; [on the] second day that, and so forth. In verse eleven it says:

Genesis 1:11:

And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind ["his kind" in Genesis' original text is "after its kind" and the word "kind" is the word min (Heb.) or genos (Gr.)], whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.

Look at verse 12:

Genesis 1:12:

And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after [its] his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after [its] his kind: and God saw that it was good.

You talk about accuracy and truth, there it is. "After its kind," everything 'after its kind.' You plant potatoes, what do you get? Potatoes. You plant onions, you get onions. Sow your wild oats and you get the wild oats. Everything 'after its kind.'

The word "kind" is the word genos which is transliterated over into "genus." Everything 'after its kind.' If you breed a cow you are going to get a calf. If you breed a dog you are going to get a puppy. If you are going to breed a cat you're going to get a kitten. You cannot cross a dog and a cat and get a catty-dog. You cannot cross a cow and a horse and get a horsey-cow or a cowy-horse.

Why? Because of the law, and thank God for the greatness of His laws which work with a mathematical exactness and scientific precision-- everything after its kind, everything after its kind. That is why you can have variety in species but not in genus, not in kind, in genus. You can, in the bovine family [have] for instance a little cow, a big cow. Like you can have a jersey or you can have a holstein. There is a tremendous difference in weight and size between a guernsey and a jersey, and a holstein and a brown swiss, for instance. But they all belong to the kind, the genus of the bovine family of cows, cattle. That's right.

Now, there is no overlapping of genus. There is no overlapping. You cannot take a cow and breed a cow to a horse because the genus is not there. Everything after its kind! But you can have variety within species. There is no evolution in genus. The evolution is in species because you could have a little cow, [or] you can have a big cow. You can have a black cow, you could have a red one. You can have a black-and-white one, you can have an orange one. I suppose.

You see, in the holstein family is black and white, yet occasionally you get a red holstein. Why? Because of the throwback not in genus but in the species. You can have variety in species but never genus. That's why everything is after its kind, everything.

So, you can have evolution in species, but you cannot have evolution in genus. That's why all theories of evolution die before they ever start, unless you deal in evolution in the category of species and not genus.

Now, this becomes singularly important because the Word of God said "the life, the tree yielding fruit whose seed was in itself." The seed is always in itself and it's the seed that has the life. The seed is that which has the life. The seed is in itself.

You take a seed any seed--wheat, corn, oat, barley, mustard seed any seed, apple seed--you take the outer shell off, you take the next shell off, you keep looking and you put the most high powered microscopes on it in the whole world. You get down to the core of it, you can't see anything, no life. You put it back together under the most ideal climate in every situation; moisture wise, heat wise, put it back together [the broken pieces] and put it into the ground in a laboratory, and it will not grow. Why? Because the life is in the seed and the seed is in itself. We have messed, destroyed, annihilated that life. But you turn right around and take the same apple seed [unbroken] and put it in the ground. Have the moisture, have the sunshine without man messing with that seed, and lo and behold, it comes up! Why? Because the seed has life in itself.

Remember the old nursery rhyme about Humpty Dumpty? 'Humpty Dumpty was just an egg some little old hen laid without any strain or stress.' And after she laid it she cackled a few times, had no problem with it. 'Humpty Dumpty was an egg that's all. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.' And it says 'Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.' I remember the picture from the books that we had in school when I was a young lad. And I can still see that egg smashed to smithereens with yolk all over the place, 'and it, just in a great big wonderful mess.' 'Humpty Dumpty was an egg. He sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the kings horses.' Do you know what that means? All the strength that the king has. Well, how much strength does a king have? All the strength of the kingdom belongs to the king, every man belongs to him, everybody. All the kings horses, all the strength of all the king. 'And all the kings men.' Do you know what that means? All the brains of all the scientists of all the research men, everything else. 'All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put little old simple Humpty Dumpty together again, and all he was was just an egg.'

Could not get back once they had disturbed the life. Once that Humpty Dumpty had fallen apart and gone to smithereens, all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put little old simple Humpty DumptyEverything after its kind and the life is in the seed. together again. Why? Because the life is in the seed, it's in itself in that seed.

When it comes to man, who has the seed? The seed does not come from the woman. The seed comes from the male side. The life which is in the flesh which is soul life. All soul life, all soul life is in the blood of the sperm of man. And as the blood in the sperm of man carrying that one thing as soul life it carries other things to. I know this about the chromosomes the genes and so forth, but one of the things that the sperm carries when it impregnates the egg is that the sperm carries soul life. For the life of the flesh is in the blood and the soul life is in the seed. Everything after its kind whose life is in the seed!

This becomes singularly important in man when we come to the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, that's right. Because up to this day woman is still made the same way that she was made in the beginning when God formed and made mankind. He made woman and He made her the same way, she's still made the same way.

Man is still made the same way. No woman in a normal pregnancy will ever contribute any soul life to her offspring. The soul life comes from the sperm as it impregnates the egg in the fallopian tubes, and then it moves down into the womb and fastens itself, and through the process of osmosis as it is attached by the placenta the mother continues to feed the nutrients to this embryo and fetus as it develops within her womb.

I will take you into the depth of this as we get into the study of the new birth and the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, some of these great truths... But right now again, let us note very clearly that this record here in Genesis is so accurate because it indicates that everything must come after its kind, after its kind!

You know, we talk about the laws that are involved, well this law of everything after its kind is tremendous. For instance, when Adam and Eve had intercourse they had a baby. That baby grew up, that baby got married and that man and woman then had intercourse and they had babies one upon another, this way.

Now, because of the way in which life is arranged that, the soul life comes from the sperm and the way that the genes are arranged on the chromosomes, both from within the egg as well as within the sperm where, the mother brings to this new offspring certain characteristics as does the father. And if you understand what we refer to in biology as dominant and recessive characteristics you have a wonderful, wonderful truth.

How many times did God create soul? The Bible said in Genesis He created it just once and that was when animals were first formed [in Gen 1:21]. Then He created soul life for animals and this life is in the blood, this soul life. Now, not all the blood is soul life. Not everything in the blood is soul life, but one phase in the blood is soul life which comes from the male side.

Now, He has never created soul since. He created it just once, then He took that soul life which is breath life and He put it in man, in Adam, when He formed and made Adam. Now, Adam had progeny, he had sons and daughters all the way down the line. And this soul life that was in Adam lived in his children, that's right. When Adam took his last breath, his soul was gone, that's what the Word says. But his soul life lived on in Abel, in Cain, in Seth and the rest of the sons and daughters. And to this day it is still the same soul life living in mankind that God originally put in Adam when He formed and when He made him.

This is the only great and logical truth from God's Word that accounts for the variations in color, for instance, among mankind. Why are some people white, some people yellow, some people black, some people red? How do you account for all this? Well, certainly not the way some people have tried to account for it, that's for sure. We account for it from the integrity and accuracy of God's Word, that the Word said He created soul life once and that's all, and that He put this in man and it is still going on to this day.

But understanding procreation, how genes, chromosomes and all the rest of these involved, and the contribution from the sperm as well as from the egg point of view, what happens explains it. There is a verse in Acts chapter 17 I want to share with you, and then I'm going to show you something. Acts chapter 17. Not that I haven't been showing you a lot of things, but this Bible is just loaded with great wonderful truths and it gives the answer. And every answer that's truth always makes sense, all the rest of the stuff just doesn't make sense. It's just guesswork. Look at Acts 17 and verse 26, talking about God.

Acts 17:26a:

And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth,...

He made of one blood. How could God have 'made of one blood'? Very simple, because He made the soul life in blood once in Adam and he passed this on through the progeny down to this day. Well then, where did you get your color from? From the combinations of genes through the years and that's no problem. You can explain it even by Mendel's Law. You people who know anything about biology and these other related subjects are able to carry this through minutely.

But, the law is such that in the third or fourth generation, as you start breeding animals for instance too, you have the same truth in animals. This is why when it comes to breeding in animals, there is very selective breeding because they know what they can produce in color and in every other way genetically.

But here you have it. It ends up where one would be the same. One would tend to be lighter and the other one would be even lighter. On the other side, because of the combination of the genes on the chromosomes and how they are intertwined, interwoven as the egg and the sperm get together and how this develops within the mother, one will tend to be dark, the other will be even darker.

Now, let's say you take two of these [dark ones] and put them together, you will repeat this group, but you are going to end up having darker dark. While over here [white ones], you are going to end up, because of the dominant characteristics, you are going to end up having lighter light.

Remember the old cliche or statement "birds of a feather flock together." Still true, because over a long period of time, people with light characteristics like to marry people with light characteristics, and then their progeny produce lighter light and darker light. So on the darker side, so we produce darker dark. The great variation [is] between this extreme over here [left side] and over here [right side]. And by the process of intercourse and children being born over many, many years, we've produced what we today have in our society, the lighter light people and the darker dark people.

That's the explanation from the accuracy of God's Word like everything after its kind. That's the explanation of how we got the different colors, the different races of men that dwell upon the face of the earth. And it does not contradict any of God's Word and it does not contradict the scientific accuracy with which we know things are true in the field of genealogy, genetics and other biology and chemistry fields and so forth.

Now, there is a question that always comes up I better answer for you again. It's sort of a crazy question but you see a question is really never a silly question if a man really has it, and he doesn't know the answer if he isn't trying to be facetious about it. They say, well, how in the world if Adam and Eve were the first couple--the first man and wife in this particular world of which we are dealing here in Genesis starting with verse three, not with verse one or two, as I've explained, but verse three--then, if there were no other people like them in the category of Homo sapiens then, who in the world could Cain marry? Who did Cain marry for instance?

Well, it's no problem. He married his sister. That's right. Well, who else should he marry there wasn't anybody else around? [Well, after all maybe his sister was sort of sweet. Did you ever think of that? Hum, I like my sisters, sometimes I think maybe my sisters were much more tremendous than some of the girls I dated... I couldn't say much more because my wife is here.] But, you see, this is no problem because in Genesis chapter five in verse four it says:

Genesis 5:4:

And the days of Adam after he had begotten Seth were eight hundred years: and he begat sons and daughters [notice 'sons and daughters']

There is the answer. So, the children of Adam they just married their own sisters. Why? To this day, to this day we, in our state allow, I believe, marriage to second cousins. Why do we not allow marriage further back? Because of the possibility of the recessive characteristics creeping out in a family! [the Word of God order is not to do so] So, you [have the risk to] develop weak children. [However,] after all, these thousands of years we still allow to marry second cousins.

You see, if you had a perfectly pure blood stream with no poisons in it you could marry your sister and your progeny would be perfect. The reason we are not allowed to marry sisters is because of the impurities in our blood stream, this is why.

Now, Adam and Eve in the beginning had pure blood streams, this is why so many people lived so long at the beginning. They say "well those years weren't as long as ours." Yes, they were just as long as our years. But the reason the longevity was what it was [back then], was because of the purity of the blood stream. As the years rolled by and they intermarried to the end where they brought up many of the recessive characteristics into the form where they became manifested as dominant in their lives. That's when you began to produce weaker people, and they started dying off earlier. Otherwise they live to the ripe old age that's mentioned here in the accuracy of God's Word. All because of the greatness of this law: everything after its kind. And the seed is in itself. What a wonderful truth this is from God's wonderful matchless Word! And how accurate this becomes when we understand the greatness of it with the power of God, which is written here in these first few chapters of the book of Genesis.


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