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Ethelbert W. Bullinger

THE WORD OF GOD (ending fragment of Chapter 2, from his book: Number in Scripture):

http://philologos.org/__eb-nis (Book On line)

...Have we not in all this a design which is far beyond nature? A supernatural design? Numbers must occur; and the only question is, Shall they be used by design or by chance? In order, or disorder? According to law, or without law? In the works of God they are used always in perfect order. Surely then we ought to look for the same order in His Word; and be surprised if we do not find it.

If we look at a window of coloured glass, made after the modern fashion, with pieces of various colours put in at haphazard, we see at once that there is no design. But if we observe another window in which the pieces of glass are arranged in a perfect and intricate geometrical pattern, or with human or other forms, we immediately acknowledge design, and say that the hand that formed that window must have been guided by a head that designed the whole!

This is our conclusion, then, as to the works and Word of God. Neither Moses nor any other person could have secured the above results. Moses used a certain word by Divine inspiration, not knowing, in all probability, how many times he had used it. It is inconceivable that, even had he known, he could have told Joshua how many times he was to use it; and that Joshua could have arranged with another; and that this could have gone on for fifteen centuries and ensured that the last writer should use the word only a certain definite number of times so as to secure a particular result! Impossible! No! Each writer must have been ignorant as to this final result; but each wrote "as he was moved by the Holy Ghost"; and hence, each contributed such a part as should end in perfecting the original design.

This sweeps away as with a flood, all the puny attempts of man either in attacking or defending the inspiration of the Word of God; for that word has suffered almost as much from the unwise defences of its friends, as from the malignant attacks of its enemies.

"The Law of the LORD is perfect."

We take the high ground of making everything else submit to it. Instead of making the Bible agree with science, science must agree with the Bible. If it does not, it is only because it is "science falsely so-called," and not real science. Scientia is the Latin word for knowledge. Whereas very much of what goes by the name of "science" to-day is not science at all. It is only hypothesis! Read man's books on this so-called science, and you will get tired of the never-ending repetition of such words as "hypothesis," "conjecture," "supposition," etc., etc. This is the reason that such theories, which are falsely dignified by the name of science, are constantly changing. We talk of the "Science of Geology," or of "Medical Science"; but read books on geology or medicine, for example, written fifty years ago, and you will find that they are now quite "out of date." But truth cannot change. Truth will never be "out of date." What we know can never alter! This of itself proves that the word science is wrongly used when it is applied only to hypotheses, which are merely invented to explain certain phenomena.

It is not for such theories that we are going to give up facts. It is not for conjectures that we are going to abandon truth. Man must offer us something better than his own thoughts if he wants us to give up the thoughts of God. In the Bible we have got something certain and something perfect. Every fact and truth which is discovered only helps to prove its truth and to exhibit its perfection. No monument that has ever been dug up—no manuscript that has ever been discovered, has ever been other than an evidence of Bible truth! We are not afraid of any phenomena which may be observed in the rocks, or of any monuments or tablets which may be dug up from beneath them. These are not, and never have been, contrary to the Word of God. It is only man's interpretation of them which is against that Word, because it is only his thoughts which oppose it.

"The Law of the LORD is perfect."

Man, and all his thoughts are imperfect; so imperfect that he has failed even to take proper care of God's perfect Word.

Like a beautiful stained glass window which has suffered from accident, or fire, or siege, and which man has endeavoured to "restore." We can see how exquisite are its colours and patterns; how perfect it once was. Here and there is a tiny piece wanting, or misplaced. But it does not hinder us from discerning the perfection of the original geometrical figure, or from admiring the delicacy of the features of the figure pourtrayed. The window is indeed marred. And one man has done much to repair the injury caused by the negligence of another. We can see the defect of the repairs; but we can see also that the design was originally perfect, and we praise and admire the wisdom of the designer.

So it is with the Word of God. Nothing can hide the perfection displayed in its design. Man has been false to his trust. He has not preserved it with the faithfulness which should ever characterise a steward. But because man has been unfaithful, we are not going to question the faithfulness of God! Because man has not properly cared for this precious gift of God, we are not going to question the perfection of that gift!

But this is what man has done and is doing;—he is charging upon God the result of his own sin, neglect, and folly!

God has given man this "bread of life," and he is analysing it instead of eating it! God has given man His Word, and he is criticising it instead of believing it! This is the "wisdom" of man "up to date." This is the highest flight of his wisdom—"higher criticism"! Truly "the world by wisdom knew not God" (1 Cor 1:21). It never did and never will. Human wisdom ever leads from God. It is so with nineteenth century wisdom! It may seem very clever, very daring, very wise, for man to criticise the Word of God, but it is still true, as it is written (1 Cor 3:19).


Then away with man's wisdom! we do not want it. What we want is God's truth, and if man's science does not agree with God's Book, then so much the worse for his science.

We will come to God's Word as those who are foolish in the eyes of the world, because we desire to be made wise unto salvation (2 Tim 3:15); and because we remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how He said, "Ye do err, not knowing the Scriptures" (Matt 22:29).

"Whence but from Heaven could men unskilled in arts, In several ages born, in several parts, Weave such agreeing truths? or how, or why, Should all conspire to cheat us with a lie? Unasked their pains, ungrateful their advice, Starving their gain, and martyrdom their price".—Dryden


CREATION VERSUS EVOLUTION (Fragment of the Appendix 5 From The Companion Bible):


http://www.therain.org/appendixes(Many appendixes On line)

The Introduction to Genesis (and to the whole Bible) Genesis 1:1-2:3, ascribes everything to the living God, creating, making, acting, moving, and speaking. There is no room for evolution without a flat denial of Divine revelation. One must be true, the other false. All God's works were pronounced "good" seven times (see Appendix 10), videlicet: Genesis 1:4,10,12,18,21,25,31. They are "great," Psalm 111:2. Revelation 15:3. They are "wondrous," Job 37:14. They are "perfect," Deuteronomy 32:4.

Man starts from nothing. He begins in helplessness, ignorance, and inexperience. All his works, therefore, proceed on the principle of evolution. This principle is seen only in human affairs : from the hut to the palace ; from the canoe to the ocean liner ; from the spade and ploughshare to machines for drilling, reaping, and binding, etc. But the birds build their nests to-day as at the beginning. The moment we pass the boundary line, and enter the Divine sphere, no trace or vestige of evolution is seen. There is growth and development within, but no passing, change, or evolution out from one into another. On the other hand, all God's works are perfect.

In the Introduction to Genesis (chapter 1:1-2:3) forty six times everything is ascribed to direct acts and volitions on the part of God as the Creator (see Appendix 4. I.) :

God (or He) created 6 times (1:1,21,27,27,27; 2:3)

God moved 1 once (1:2).

God said 10 times (1:3,6,9,11,14,20,24,26,28,29).

God saw 7 times (1:4,10,12,18,21,25,31,)

God divided 2 twice (1:4,7)

God (or He) called 5 times (1:5,5,8,10,10).


Brought forward = 31


God (or He) made 7 times (1:7,16,25,31; 2:2,2,3).


God set 1 once (1:17).

God blessed 3 times (1:22,28; 2:3).

God ended 1 once (2:2).

He rested 2 twice (2:2,3).

He sanctified 1 once (2:3).


= 46

It will be noted that the word "God" (Elohim, see Appendix 4. I.) occurs in this Introduction thirty-five times (7 x 5), the product of 7 and 5, the numbers of spiritual perfection, and grace. (See Apppendix 10.)

There are also ten words connected with the word "God" ; this is the number of ordinal perfection (Appendix 10).

There is only one verb used alone with the pronoun "He", instead of "God", and that is the verb "rested". This makes eleven in all ; for the significance of which see Appendix 10.

The word "and" is repeated 102 times : thus, by the figure Polysyndeton (Appendix 6), marking and emphasising each separate act as being equally independent and important....

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